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About Us


Captain Manolis

Kayaking Guide

Hello fellow nature lover, I am Captain Manolis and I will guide you on our exploration of Kythnos. My life has always been near the sea and it is my passion to sail and to go around the island by kayak since I am 7 years old. Nowerdays I offer seakayak adventure tours for all ages and groups. I am also a beekeeper and small-scale farmer with a love for the outdoors.



Yoga Instructor

Hello! I’m Molly Margomenou, a certified yoga instructor living in Kythnos. My introduction to yoga in late 00s was a natural progression from a dance background. Ballet, contemporary dance and aerial silks acrobatics were my way of expression and all too soon I led performances in festivals and gave acrobatic lessons. When I first tried yoga, I was unsure if it was for me. Only in a period of self-reflection I realised that practicing yoga provides me with the opportunity to deeply develop kinesthetic awareness in my body, nourish the mind and soul. Surrounded by Cycladic nature, outdoor yoga became my passion, a passion want to share the joy of, experiencing the elements of Kythnos…salty clean air, warm sand, crystal clear waters of the sea, a kind of gratitude and appreciation for all life.

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