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Island of Kythnos

Raw beauty in the Aegean Sea

The island of Kythnos is located between the islands Kea and Serifos, 52 nautical miles from the port of Piraeus (3 hours 45 minutes by ferry boat ) or 30 miles from Lavrio (1 hour 30 min by ferry boat). 
Lavrio is very easily accessible from the Athens International Airport by train and bus.

Kythnos is one of the most beautiful islands of the western Cyclades, featuring the famous landscape of all Cyclades islands, traditional architecture, colorful alleys, archaeological sites, countless churches and chapels, scenic bays and perfectly clean sandy beaches.
The 22 km long coastline offers many small creeks (92 coasts have been recorded, from which at least 60 are at least easily accessible) and many sea caves serving as homes for the monachus monachus seal.

On the western part of Kythnos, two enclosed bays are forming an isthmus of only sand connecting the island with the islet of Agios Loukas. This kind of formation is very rare in Greece and a very popular and famous place full of  anchoring sailing boats. The largest part of the area is covered by a complex water system with springs and small waterfalls.
This unique scenery of water and land attracts all nature lovers, continually winning their interest.

The island has two villages, Kythnos (the capital, locally known as Chora) and Dryopida; every village has it's seaport: The capital has Loutra, and Dryopida has Merichas. There are also the tourist settlements with mostly summer homes and apartment rentals of Panagia Kanala, Agios Dimitrios, Flampouria and Apokrousi.

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