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Hire Water Bikes on Kythnos island.
This has to be the most relaxing way to enjoy the coastline of kythnos.
Stable and Easy to Use.
Hire our Water Bikes for an hour/  half day / full day from our Base At Episkopi beach.
Suitable configurations:
4 Person Per Bike (Youngest age capable 8 years)
We always need an adult on the water to accompany a child.
Our Half day hire is from 10:00am to   20:30pm.
We will provide a waterproof phone case and a small handle bar bag for small valuables.
Customers can cycle in our reach and head to Kolona beach, grab an ice cream or coffee, before cycling back to Episkopi beach.
Every participant gets a 50N buoyancy aid and must be able to swim 25 metres!
The youngest age for a child to pedal our water bikes is 12 years.Our bikes have a weight limit of  250 kg.

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